At WVU Law, we view the admissions process as a journey—a seamless path, that does not end with enrollment. It begins with the very first hello, and continues toward the end destination of graduation. In the interim, we move and ascend with you every step of the way.


We encourage those interested in law school to consider joining our unique community. Whether we connect at a law fair, by phone or by chance, we want you to know why WVU Law may be the right space for your legal education.

We provide a smooth, fair and holistic review process for our applicants.

We cultivate meaningful and authentic relationships with prospective and current students of all ages and from all backgrounds. Our team members are friendly, responsive and easy to talk to - a reflection of our community as a whole.


We provide an abundance of opportunities for prospective students to visit and connect with current members of the law school community, including student ambassadors, faculty and administrators.


We seek to strengthen candidates’ understanding of the application process, and their opportunity for admission. We are honest and transparent about what constitutes a strong application to WVU Law, where there may be opportunities for improvement, and alternative paths - should we land there.


We are invested in you, no matter your ultimate decision.

We empower prospective students to make the best decision for themselves.

We empower prospective students to put their best foot forward as they move through the application process.

We seek to improve and enhance the quality and value of the law school experience at WVU Law, by enrolling service-minded, dedicated leaders who will make fine lawyers.