West Virginia Residents and Loyalty Tuition Students

Tuition - $25,272 

Room and Board - $11,970*

Books and Supplies - $3,400*

Total - $40,642


Tuition - $42,120 

Room and Board - $11,970*

Books and Supplies - $3,400*

Total - $57,490

*These are estimated costs; actual costs may vary.

Please note there are other expenses which have not been included in the above Estimated Cost of Attendance. These include expenses such as loan processing fee, health insurance, transportation, personal expenses, etc. Be sure to include these expenses when developing your budget.

Information to help you understand your estimated cost of attendance can be found on the WVU Student Financial Services website.

Establishing West Virginia Residency

Please read WVU’s policy regarding Residency Status for Admissions, Tuition, and Fee Purposes. It can be very difficult to change your residency while enrolled in law school. 

If you have any questions about reclassifying your residency, please refer to WVU’s Residency Reclassification page and/or contact WVU’s Residency Officer (contact information can be found at the bottom of the Residency Reclassification page).