We hope to clarify the waitlist process by providing you with recommended next steps and a general timeline, as well as answering your frequently asked questions.

Next Steps

Waitlist Response Form

In the spring, the Enrollment Management Office will ask waitlisted applicants to complete a Waitlist Response Form to indicate their continued interest in being considered for admission.

Here is the Waitlist Response Form for the current admissions cycle.

Letter of Continued Interest

In addition to submitting the Waitlist Response Form, you may also email a letter of continued interest (LOCI) to wvulaw.admissions@mail.wvu.edu. Please submit your LOCI as a PDF file and be sure that your name and LSAC number are included on the LOCI.

You may submit a LOCI at any time, but the Enrollment Management Office has found that such documents are most helpful as we near possible consideration from the waitlist in April.

Application Updates

If any information has changed since you submitted your application, please send that information to wvulaw.admissions@mail.wvu.edu. This information could include your updated resume, contact information, test scores, letters of recommendation, etc. Please submit any application updates as PDF files and be sure that your name and LSAC number are included.

Students in their final year of college should ensure that their most recent transcript has been sent to LSAC and that an updated CAS Report has been issued to WVU College of Law.

Waitlist Activity Timeline

September through March

Throughout the admissions cycle, applicants may be admitted, denied, or placed on the waitlist. Admissions decisions are distributed on a rolling basis.


The Enrollment Management Office begins collecting additional information from applicants on the waitlist.


After the initial deposit deadline for admitted students passes on May 1, the Enrollment Management Office has a better sense of the size of the incoming class and will determine if there is space available in the class. If there is available space, the Enrollment Management Office will review the applications of those candidates who have submitted the Waitlist Response Form.

June and July

The Enrollment Management Office will make offers through the summer as necessary.


Orientation for WVU College of Law is typically the second week of August. While not ideal or common, it is possible for admission offers to be made during this week if deposited students cancel their enrollment plans at the last minute.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions beyond those listed below, feel free to contact the Enrollment Management Office at wvulaw.admissions@mail.wvu.edu.

Why do you have a waitlist?

The  Enrollment Management Committee uses a waitlist because of our rolling admissions review process, because admitted students typically do not inform us of their enrollment intentions until just before our deposit deadline, and because enrollment plans may change for our deposited students after the deposit deadline. The waitlist allows us to reevaluate applicants based on the applicant pool as well as the size and composition of the entering class after we pass our initial deposit deadline.

How many applicants will be admitted from the waitlist?

Each year the number of applicants admitted from the waitlist varies. The number of admission offers, if any, depends entirely on the number of deposits we receive from our admitted students.

How many applicants are currently on the waitlist?

The size of the waitlist varies depending on the year and how many students submit the Waitlist Response Form.

Is the waitlist ranked? Are there priority groups?

Our waitlist is not ranked in any way. There are no priority groups. Any priority for one set of applicants over another will be dictated by the size and composition of the deposits we receive from our initial wave of admitted students.

How will I be notified of any changes to the waitlist or of a new admissions decision?

The Enrollment Management Office will notify you immediately if your status changes. We will contact you first by email then follow up by phone if needed. Additionally, you may receive periodic email updates regarding the status of the waitlist as a whole.

What if I need a decision by a specific date?

The earliest that the Enrollment Management Office may extend offers of admission to waitlisted candidates is after the initial deposit deadline has passed on May 1. We cannot take other deadlines for waitlisted applicants into consideration. If an applicant remains on our waitlist but needs to make a commitment to another law school by a specific date, it is up to their discretion to commit to alternative options.

Should I deposit/commit at another law school while I wait to hear from WVU College of Law?

We advise that you make your deposit/confirmation decision based on the offers of admission that you have at the moment. It will not be detrimental to our consideration of extending an offer of admission from the waitlist to learn that a student is presently deposited at another law school.

When should I send my LOCI? What should be included in my LOCI?

Letters of Continued Interest (LOCIs) are optional and may be sent at any time during an applicant’s time on the waitlist. However, we find that they are most helpful as we approach our evaluation period for waitlisted candidates in April. This also allows the applicant to get a sense of their status at other law schools and where a potential offer of admission from WVU College of Law may compare.

A LOCI can include your motivation for a career in law, your particular interest in WVU College of Law, and/or any new or significant information that speaks to your potential as a law student and future lawyer. Please forward these materials in PDF format to wvulaw.admissions@mail.wvu.edu. Be sure to include your name and LSAC number on any documents you submit.

How often should I send updates?

Other than keeping the Enrollment Management Office updated on recent contact information, test scores, and transcripts, etc., all updates are optional and at the applicant's discretion.

Will I be considered for merit scholarship if admitted from the waitlist?

Yes, the Enrollment Management Office will consider admits from our waitlist for merit-based scholarship based on the availability of funds at that particular time. More information is available on our Financial Aid page.

Is there anything else I should do in anticipation of an offer of admission?

If you expect to rely on loan assistance to finance your legal education, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please list WVU College of Law on the FAFSA (code 003827).

Should I visit campus to demonstrate my interest in WVU College of Law?

You are welcome to visit campus to demonstrate your interest in WVU College of Law. Please visit our Visit WVU Law page to schedule your visit.

How long do I have to decide if I have been offered admission from the waitlist?

The amount of time a student has to decide will depend upon when the offer is made. If an offer is made in May, the student will typically have about a week to make their enrollment decision. If the offer is made later in the summer, the student may have as little as two (2) business days to make their enrollment decision. If the offer is made closer to orientation, you may have even less time to make an enrollment decision.

What if I want to reapply or transfer to WVU College of Law?

WVU College of Law welcomes reapplications and transfer applications. We would be happy to discuss these application processes with individual applicants, especially those who have received a waitlist decision. Please contact the Enrollment Management Office to connect with a member of our team.

Can I defer a spot until next year?

In most years, we are willing to discuss with students if it would be appropriate to receive an offer of admission now with the condition of postponing their enrollment into the subsequent year’s class.