The Academic Excellence Center will help you integrate "how to learn" with "what to learn" so you thrive, not just survive, in law school.

WVU Law’s Academic Excellence Center seeks to enhance the academic performance of all law students through a combination of for-credit courses, workshops, study groups, tutoring, and individual counseling. The Center strives to partner with every student who desires to improve their academic outcomes. Students who feel they need assistance meeting their full academic potential are especially encouraged to visit the Center to improve their study, time management, and test taking skills. Faculty members may also refer students to the Center for individual academic counseling.


Part of the Academic Excellence Center, the Writing Center helps individuals become better writers and offers an encouraging environment to discuss, refine, and experiment with writing and the teaching of writing. All students, faculty, and staff in the legal writing community are welcome, whether they are novice writers interested in building skills; professionals interested in becoming more adept, flexible writers; or professors interested in developing writing assignments. For more information, check out the Writing Center webpage.


The College of Law’s Academic Excellence Center is staffed by Director Kirsha Trychta, Writing Center Director Melanie Stimeling, and several top-notch second-year and third-year students. The Center also houses an array of books, written materials, and exercises available to students who desire more in-depth follow up.


All WVU law students have access to a variety of digital resources (including sample case briefs, outlining templates, and Dean’s Fellows handouts) via the Academic Excellence Center’s TWEN page. Every law student is encouraged to sign-up for the TWEN page to receive updates and alerts from the Academic Excellence Center.