WVU Law LGBTQ+ Spirit Day 2019

BLSA: Black Law Students Association

BLSA is dedicated to increasing the number of lawyers sensitive to the unique problems and needs of the Black community and serves as a forum for discussion of issues and problems that confront black law students. BLSA seeks to increase the presence of minority students at the College of Law and provides an avenue for social activities for its members. BLSA also seeks to articulate and promote the educational, professional, political and social needs and goals of black law students; foster and encourage professional competence; improve the relationship between black law students, Black attorneys and the American legal structure; instill a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Black community; and to influence the legal community by bringing about meaningful legal and political change that addresses the needs and concerns of the black community.

Christian Legal Society

The mission of CLS is to inspire, encourage, and equip law students, both individually and in community, to proclaim, love and serve Jesus Christ through the study of law.


OUTLaw is the WVU College of Law’s LGBT student advocacy organization. It serves to foster open communication and networking between gay and straight communities while educating students on gay rights issues. OUTLaw annually hosts renowned guest speakers on LGBT issues.

Veterans and Military Advocacy Group

The Veterans Law Caucus draws attention to veteran legal issues, promotes the benefits of being a military veteran in law school, and helps with the overall educational experiences of veterans and non-veterans.

Women’s Leadership Council

The Women’s Leadership Council works to promote an understanding of issues encountered by women in the community and in the law school environment. It encourages women to excel in law school and heighten the role of women in the legal profession. It also strives to bring about a greater awareness of social, economic, legal and political issues facing all people in West Virginia, regardless of gender.

Catholic Law Society

Hispanic Law Student Association

Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association